Retail Products

For 10 years we have been proudly serving the area with the Barber’s brand, a longtime local favorite. Based in Birmingham, Barber’s manufactures all flavors and package sizes of milk as well as its own line of creams and cultures. In juices, the Barber’s line includes various sizes of orange juice, orangeade, fruit punch, and gallon fruit drinks. Also available in the holiday season is Barber’s delicious eggnog.

Milo’s Famous Tea is relatively new to the NW Florida market. What began as a small “mom & pop” hamburger shop over 60 years ago has developed into large scale manufacturing of that famous Alabama tea. In 2003, Milo’s teamed up with Barber’s Dairy to extend its reach satisfying consumer demand. Needless to say the Milo’s products will not let you down. The three great flavors (sweet, splenda, unsweet) are currently available in gallon, 20 oz., and 12 oz.

As the return to more natural foods is becoming increasingly popular, we have seen a gradual increase in the demand for organic milk. Horizon has proven to be a quality manufacturer of organic products and a name that consumers recognize. For all your natural milk shoppers provide them with the product they can trust.

The young ones of the bunch are sure to love these popular drinks. Dean’s has come out with a flavored milk shake drink. It is much creamier than milk but without the short shelf life; flavored like a homemade milk shake but not frozen. Three of your favorite milk shake flavors are offered: vanilla, chocolate, and cookies ‘n cream… mmmmm!!

In the 1950’s the Stratton family began selling Mrs. Stratton’s popular salads near Birmingham. Today that operation has grown to service all states across the southeast. Available salads include gourmet chicken, tuna, pasta, cole slaw, mustard potato, baked beans, and many more.

Wisconsin, no doubt, produces the finest quality cheeses in America. Straight from America’s Dairyland comes this unique line of products. Widmer’s Cheese Cellars is operated by third generation owner Joe Widmer. He is certified and award-winning Master CheeseMaker for colby, cheddar, and brick cheeses. Joe’s creativity comes out in his exceptional blends such as Natural Colby with Garden Vegetables, Brick/Cheddar Spread, and Jalapeno Cheddar. Call us today to ask about including these products in your cheese case.

Other consumer favorites that we represent include Tropicana orange juice, Nesquik flavored milks, lactose intolerant milk, various juices… and the list goes on. Call us with any questions you may have. We’d be glad to work with you to locate a product that you don’t see here. The menu bar at the top will direct you to view other product categories that we also carry.