Monthly Specials

Welcome to our Monthly Specials page. As a part of our service, we are making effort to bring savings to you, our customer. This page will serve as a “post” to communicate those savings. Our purchasing department is constantly looking for deals on quality products that permit us to give our customers a break. As we have discounts come to us we will post them here. The types of products we discount will vary. Our intent is to continually offer a variety of products that are attractive in quality and price.

You’ll notice the format to the left. Products will be displayed according to application making it easier to identify products relevant your business. We’ll also try to list pertinent product information and pictures to help you match promotional products to your specifications.

We do intend for this page to generate the majority of the traffic for our website. This is for you! Hopefully, this will be a tool of great benefit for our current customers as well those considering us for secondary supply. Let us know of a special product that you are looking for. Tell us of your high volume products. If you’ve got a target price on a specific product that we can work to find for you, we’d love to talk with you about it. Feel free to contact your Butler Foods representative about your supply needs. If email is convenient contact Jonathan Butler at