Locations and Personnel

We at Butler Foods have experienced great blessing in our business. What was originally a small Pensacola distributorship has grown into 3 solid locations in FL: Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach, and Panama City. Below is a map with our current coverage area shaded in gray.

Coverage Map

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Location Manager:
Route Supervisors:

Office Personnel:
Ann Ward
Anna Emmons
Jonathan Butler
Steve Butler
Pam Butler

Ft. Walton Beach
Route Supervisor:

Panama City
Route Supervisor:

Ricky Ward
Brian Pond
Paul Queysen
Mike Sanders

A/R, A/P, Route Settlement
A/R, A/P, Route Settlement
Resource and Task Manager
Owner and President

Carl Conner

Dalton Bruhn

The story of the Butler’s in the dairy business goes back 4 generations. Almost 100 years ago in a little Indiana town is where it all began. The first of our dairy-Butlers, William F., launched Butler’s Dairy. The daily tasks on the dairy farm included milking the cows, processing the milk, and even delivering the bottles to the doorstep. After coming back from the war and finishing college, the next generation, William N. and his brother Buford, bought an old shoe factory in Madison, Indiana with the dream of processing milk on a larger scale. Several years of stressful success in the business motivated William to try his hand at distribution. Selling out his shares of ownership to his brother, he began distributing milk in southern Indiana. A number of years later a rather “warm” opportunity arose to distribute dairy products in Florida. So, in 1971 he moved his wife and young family to south Florida to grow his new business, Butler Foods, Inc.

Expansion of William N. Butler’s distribution efforts has continued through the 3rd and 4th generations. With help from Gary Butler, one of his son’s, Butler Foods was growing in unexpected ways. In 1991, William Butler’s other son Steve bought a small milk distributorship in Pensacola, FL. Over the years, business grew for both operations. Close of the south Florida business came with William’s retirement. His son and grandson, however, are still hard at work in northwest Florida. Today’s company includes 3 locations of a local distributorship as well as a division supplying national accounts.


"Butler's Creamy Rich Dairy Products"


The 2nd generation of Butler’s: William N., Bula, and Buford.

Although the Butler name has carried on, we are not so foolish to believe that such accomplishment has come from within ourselves. We consider the people around us as the greatest blessing. Our long-time working motto communicates it best, “Any success that this company achieves is a direct result of the care that each employee gives to each customer.”

“Any success that this company achieves is a direct result of the care that each employee gives to each customer.”